Are you wondering why anyone would possibly want to pay more for a private class?  What’s the point?

Private lessons have tons of benefits and advantages over group classes.  Basically, the class is personalized just for you.  You have the teacher’s undivided attention, so she can methodically address alignment issues in your practice, or design a sequence to deal with any health concerns.  Some beginning students prefer to learn individually with a teacher in their own home before venturing into a public class.  For advanced students, privates provide an opportunity to practice challenging poses that are rarely taught in local group classes.  Even if yoga isn’t your primary practice, a private lesson could help you learn new ways to improve the strength, balance, or flexibility required to advance in your sport.

If you decide to pursue individualized yoga, it’s very important that you find a an experienced teacher with quality training.  Otherwise, you’re throwing your money away.  A teacher who doesn’t adjust students or notice  form in a group setting is unlikely to magically start doing so in a private.  If you just want to practice in the comfort of your own home by yourself, a video is a great (and cheap!) option.  On the other hand, if your desire is to delve more deeply into your practice one-on-one with an experienced teacher, sign up for a private class!

I offer private classes for $100/hour.  Location is left to your discretion; many students enjoy the convenience of practicing in the living room, but I have other options available if you prefer.  If we use studio or gym space, that may change pricing and limit scheduling options.

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