We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. – T.S. Eliot

 After completing college in her home state of North Carolina, Anna set off on a transcontinental road trip, venturing far from the familiar in search of novelty and perchance direction. Along the way she discovered a lasting love of the West, then stumbled across yoga in California. Skeptical and science-minded, she resisted the philosophical teachings but loved the practice – the physical challenge, the joy of embodiment, the deep sense of connection. Anna came to yoga out of balance and in pain, with excessive flexibility and limited strength and awareness. With time came stability; first the physical containment of hypermobility, then a growing steadiness that seeped outward into daily life.

 Countless pilgrimages to the thriving yoga mecca of Los Angeles transformed Anna’s understanding and teaching. She spent over a decade studying and deepening her practice with teachers at YogaWorks and Exhale. Most influential of these was her mentor, Annie Carpenter. Drawn in by Annie’s eloquent sequencing and unparalleled understanding of asana, Anna eventually found something much more profound – the transformative power of yoga philosophy fully embraced and lived out loud.

 SmartFlow and YogaWorks certified, Anna has assisted in teacher trainings for both methods. Scenic yogic byways have opened up teaching opportunities on coasts east and west, as well as in Australia. Recently, Anna relocated to the Bay Area to connect with the wider world of yoga and enjoy closer proximity to her teacher.

 Anna views each class as narrative, an explorative journey of physical, mental, and spiritual geography. Every class, each vignette combines Southern sweetness and LA fire, quirky playfulness and boundless compassion. Anna teaches with anatomical precision and a keen eye, prioritizing stability and longevity. In the firm belief that sequences have consequences, she meticulously crafts each class to create multiple layers of experience in a specific direction. Anna trusts in the intelligence of both language and touch to hone awareness and discernment. Though she focuses on physical nuances to facilitate steady attention and absolute presence, Anna views the practice through the shape-shifting, surrealist lens of M.C. Escher, where one element morphs seamlessly into another, the physical informing the spiritual and the spiritual feeding back again into the physical.


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